I’ve been writing songs for over 30 years and this site has a good selection of the 100’s of songs I have written. There are acoustic takes, muli-track demo recordings and songs that have been commercially released. Please note I do not play or sing on the commercially released tunes as well as some of the demos as I'm neither a good singer nor player.

I am however a fairly good songwriter. If for no other reasons, other than I've been doing it for decades and it has always come naturally to me. That said, over time I have definitely become better as a writer. My singing though, is still an acquired taste.
 I pretty well write three different types of songs. Songs that are commentary in nature and have a message as such, songs specifically written for some-one and songs that I wrote because of something I saw or heard and just thought it would make for a good tune.

If you are visiting with the intent to listen I hope you enjoy whatever you listen to. If you happen to be in the music making business and are interested in a track or two free to let me know. And of course if by chance you are interested in some form of collaboration drop me a line as I’m always up to creating good new music. Thanks for visiting.  -  Brentwood