Here are some different groupings of songs.
Click the music note under each to link to the specific group.


School House Sessions

 Recordings from a weekly session I had at a studio in a converted school house in Toronto.

legion of love

Some commercially released tracks by my recording collective "legion of love"

Broken Down Rocker

Multi-track recordings of sorta rock tunes with me singing

Rockin' Rebels

These are multi-track recordings with some real rock singers

Friends & Family

Some of the many songs I have written over the years for friends and family.

A Little Bit Country

Some of my songs that have a little bit of a country flavour

Before and After

Acoustic takes and multi-track recordiings of the same song

Odds and Ends

Tunes that didn't quite fit into any of the groupings but I still like 'em

Acoustic Takes

Lots and lots of acoustic takes of mostly unrecorded tunes.